Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Autumn Eve

Autumn Eve 
...the sister image of Summer Siren. 

Outside her skin
she connects with the wind
A time to move
embrace the change
A warmth from within
She listens
She feels
She writhes
Yearning to answer
a deep echo, an old knowing

Autumn Eve is the expression of one of the feminine, natural, physical and beautiful calls to the wild, the call to conceive a child. This delightful yearning within women has been squashed and pressed into some negative terms by modern society who perhaps finds it inconvenient, but it should be free. Women should be proud and free to express their desire to care for, to give, to mother and our society should celebrate such a time for a woman.

Autumn Eve and Summer Siren

"Summer Siren"
Artist Vanessa Chaperlin

Slipping under the covers
                of the ocean wave
      the cool water 
rushing over her skin
the foam surrounds her
as she reconnects her body
to the natural world

The summer siren is an expression of femininity and life on the northern beaches, that first dip into the ocean at the start of summer, reconnecting us with nature physically, and at the same time refreshing our spirit.

Summer Siren is being auctioned as part of the Manly Festival of Surfing, Nov 5-8, 2009 - more info...... www.manlyfestivalofsurfing.com.au

The siren's sister artwork, Autumn Eve, will be displayed at Red Earth Cafe on Short St Manly during the festival